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Tenant Overview

Why Rent From Land Trek Property Management?

Land Trek Property Management is dedicated to serving the real estate management needs of North County, including both residential and commercial tenants.

Our tenants who are looking for a place to call home will find a choice of stunning apartment buildings throughout the region as well as spacious, comfortable houses. We understand that our tenants come from a variety of backgrounds with various needs. Our multitude of properties make it easy for each one to find the perfect place. We love calling this beautiful county home and enjoy helping others find the right place for them.

Those looking for new commercial properties are interested in finding a professional location that will help them start or grow their business. It is an honor to work with the business owners of North County to help them find the right spot. We offer a variety of commercial properties of varying sizes and locations.

All of our tenants will receive 24/7 emergency help, prompt and professional maintenance help as well as open communication policies that make living in one of our properties enjoyable and low-stress.